Kobold Quarterly #21 Print PDF This issue takes on the theme of Divine Majesty, with a host of articles to take your campaign into the higher realms, or lower depths. The Scriveners of Allain article, by Brian Liberge, delves into the world of Midgard, providing a secret cult of scribes with creature statistics for 4e D&D.




Kobold Quarterly #19 Print PDF An issue jam packed with fantastic content. Flip towards the end to find Brian Liberge’s article presenting a Dark Sun style theme allowing players to become heroic werewolves. Plenty of setting information and play tips for the DM as well.




Kobold Quarterly #18 Print PDF The big pre-Gen Con summer issue, fully 100 pages! It’s like a kobold beach party ice chest, but instead of being packed with gnome jerky, KQ #18 has savants, cavaliers, beast masters and dragon hunters for Pathfinder RPG; Divine Gifts for AGE System by Green Ronin’s Steve Kenson; minotaur ecology for 4th Edition D&D; and new adventures for all three systems! Featuring Elementary, my Dear Wizard by Paul Baalham.