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Another Doctor for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

So when recently reading an Excalibur Graphic Novel I came across a biography for Marvel’s version of the famed Wizard Merlin. Multiple times it mentioned his experience with “the time travelling Doctor”. This immediately got my interest and I found his file on the official Marvel wiki. In the GA Chat we began speculating about how he might be stated up for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, though in only a half serious manner.

As the conversation turned to other topics both Brent and I kept thinking about the concept of a Doctor Datafile and each created our own file. Both owe credit to our conversation, with others, in the chat room, which accounts for some similarities.

So without further ado, here is yet another Datafile for The Doctor. Click the image for a full printable version.


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Doctor Who in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Here’s a modern Doctor, statted up for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying:


Solo d8, Buddy d10, Team d6


  • On The Run
  • Guns Are Bad
  • Allons-y! / Geronimo!

Power Sets

Time Lord

  • Enhanced Durability d8
  • Enhanced Stamina d8

SFX: Ridiculous Explanation. Use multiple specialties in your dice pool when inflicting mental stress then add your effect die to the Doom Pool.

Limit: Complicated Plot: Earn 1 PP and add 2d12 to the Doom Pool when your actions make the plot too complicated to follow.


  • Cosmic Master d10
  • Covert Expert d8
  • Medical Expert d8
  • Science Master d10
  • Tech Master d10
  • Vehicles Master d10


All We’ve Got Is Each Other

  • 1 XP when you aid a chosen companion
  • 3 XP when you save a companion’s life
  • 10 XP when you leave a companion in a safe place permanently

Just This Once, Everybody Lives

  • 1 XP when you keep another character from taking physical stress
  • 3 XP when you deal no physical stress in a scene
  • 10 XP when you deal no physical stress in an act

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