The Nigh-Weekly Assembly: On Networking and Playing Well

Longest September ever, so it’s been a little sparse around here lately. Take a look at the links we’ve found, and please let us know if we missed anything. Enjoy!

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  • The Fish Tank as a Mystery at Gnome Stew: Think of a situation as a stable aquarium filled with piranhas, then toss the PCs in and watch the water churn. Then use this five-step process to generate adventures around mysteries.
  • Playing with good intent at Deeper in the Game: Everyone at the table needs to want to play the same game. Problem players intend to play a different game when they sit at a table, whether it’s finding fault with the rules to prove how clever they are or fighting for social dominance with the rest of the players.
  • Trade Goods at Telecanter’s Receding Rules: Need to figure out what the caravan is hauling when the party hires on as guards and starts asking questions? Roll on this fantasy-themed table of trade goods and prepare to figure out how heavy a barrel of honey is.
  • The Case For Maps And Minis at RPG Musings: Use maps and minis to augment your imagination and keep track of what’s happening in your game, especially for players who need something visual to connect with the imaginary action.


A roundup of roundups featuring links of interest to the tabletop RPG community.
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  • Gaming As Women gathers links in their This Week in Gaming and This Week in Feminism series of articles on Sundays. Both series are collected under the News category. This Week in Gaming features an interview with one of RinCon’s coordinators, a plug for Roll20, and changing how plyaers use technology in tabletop games.
  • Intwischa publishes a collection of links for the week every Tuesday. Take a look at Links for the Week of October 2 to find a series of articles on megadungeons, struggles with power and balance, and ending your campaign before it drags on and goes stale.

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