Weekly Assembly: Database as Firehose

Wow. I guess the list of links is back, and now generated from a searchable database of RPG links we’re developing. You bloggers and journalists out there need to stop posting such cool stuff because it’s terribly distracting. But for now, enjoy the links!

At Home

Articles posted here on The Gamer Assembly.


Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.

Notes From Abroad

Other interesting articles and cool links.

  • On Sorrow at Hack & Slash: 14 sad little vignettes for use as RPG adventure seeds or inspiration for depression in a fantasy world.
  • Schley Stack at Wizards of the Coast: Chris Perkins uploads 39 maps from his personal stash. All of them were created by Mike Schley, an excellent RPG cartographer.
  • History of Dice at Awesome Dice Blog: Check out this timeline of dice from the archaeological record, including a Roman icosahedron (that’s a d20) from 100AD.
  • Charting the Unknown at DMG 42: An example of interactive world building, where the entire gaming group uncovers new islands and new adventures together. I really like the zodiac compass.
  • Colossal in Scale, Appalling in Complexity: The Believer looks at the works of Norman Bel Geddes, a New York designer who created a tabletop golf course, an insanely popular mechanical horseracing game that the mafioso kept offering to buy, and possibly the most detailed and realistic wargame of all time. He went on to make Futurama, the birds eye vision of America’s future circa 1960 and the hit of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.


A roundup of roundups featuring links of interest to the tabletop RPG community.
Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!

  • Roving Band of Misfits publishes their Weekly Roundup column every Sunday. This week’s Tweet RPG Edition gives us how to run a great convention game, a discussion on what the playtest process is all about, and a woman gamer’s perspective on not feeling “geek enough”.
  • Keith Davies maintains In My Campaign and on Mondays he publishes a collection of Links of the Week including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videos. Take a look at this week’s collection which includes a collection of gorgeous maps and associated map making tutorials, the latest downloadable rules for Heroes Against Darkness, and the kickstarter for The Doom that Came to Atlantic City which looks like it should be subtitled “Elder Gods Playing Monopoly”.
  • Gaming As Women gathers links in their This Week in Gaming and This Week in Feminism series of articles on Sundays. Both series are collected under the News category. This Week in Gaming features gender issues in video games, including a kickstarter for a video about tropes vs. women in video games, and John Scalzi’s article about how “Straight White Male” is modern western culture’s version of Easy Mode.

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