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Science (Intelligence)

The Science skill encompasses modern analysis and knowledge gained from it, including the chemical analysis of materials, experimentation to draw new conclusions about a particular object, creature or behavior and the use of computers for research and analysis.

Training in this skill represents either formal study or extensive experience at an University or with a Research facility. Those with training are more likely to know esoteric information or gain new knowledge through active experimentation.

Science Knowledge

Make a Science check to recall a relevant piece of information from modern studies, such as chemistry, computer science, or physics. You may also make a Science check to recognize a Science related clue.

Examples of Science knowledge checks include identifying a common substance in the field (Easy), identifying a potentially dangerous chemical (Medium), and predicting the course of a new mutation (Difficult).

Monster Knowledge

Make a Science check to identify a creature created or altered by Science.

Computer Hacking/Programming (Trained Only)

Creatures that have training in Science can use the skill to break into a computer, write their own programs, identify foreign and malicious elements in computer software and trace their origin. The following checks may often be part of a greater skill challenge.

Create Program
(Standard Action. Easy DC of the creature’s level)
Make a Science check to create a program intended for a particular task, including security software, games, or malware.
Success: You create your intended program. The result of your check becomes the DC needed for creatures to counter your program.
Failure: You cannot attempt to create the program again until after a short rest.
Special: You can make an attempt, after a short, rest to increase the DC of an already created program. Make the check as normal, if your result is the same or higher than the current DC, the new DC matches the higher result. If your result is lower than the current DC, then decrease the DC by 2.

Hack Computer (Standard Action. Variable DC, determined by the security of the computer)
Make a Science check to gain access to a computer, program or network you would not normally have access to.
Success: You gain access, and can gain any information the target may hold, or allow a created program access.
Failure: You cannot attempt to gain access again until after a short rest. If you fail by 5 or more your intrusion was detected.

Detect Hacking or Malware (Standard Action. Hard DC of the creature’s level)
Make a Science check to detect the presence of foreign or invasive elements in a computer. The skill is often used in this way when no intrusion is observed but they suspect it is present.
Success: You detect each source of hacking or malware on the computer, and recognize whether each program is running locally or from a network connection.
Failure: You detect nothing. You cannot try again until after a short rest.

Identify Hacking or Malware
(Minor Action. Moderate DC of the intrusion’s level)
Make a Science check to identify the source of the malware or hack and know it’s effects.
Success: You identify the program and/or programming language used to create each piece of malware or hack and you know the effects of the intrusion.
Failure:  You cannot attempt to identify the hack or malware again until after a short rest.

Counter Hacking or Malware (Standard Action. Hard DC of the intrusion’s level)
Make a Science check to counter malware or hacking, preventing further damage to your system.
Success: Choose one effect per success. Against malware, you may disable or remove the program. Against a hacker, you may trace the hacker’s location or cut the hacker off from the computer.
Failure: You take a cumulative -2 penalty against further counter attempts until after you take a short rest.


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