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We’re using two new skills in Modern Assembly, to help fill in the gaps on opportunities that just didn’t exist in medeval times. You may notice that these skills really could be multiple skills. We chose to condense modern knowledge to 2 skills, to keep the total number of new skills down.

Mechanic by slagheap on Flickr

Mechanics (Intelligence)

The Mechanics skills encompasses knowledge of engineered constructs, as well as the ability created, repair and operate them. This includes vehicles, computers and other machines such as a power generator or crane.

Training in this skill represents either formal study or extensive experience at formal institution or as an occupation. Those with training are more likely to know esoteric information or be able to solve unknown issues through active repair.

Mechanics Knowledge

Make a Mechanics check to recall a relevant piece of information about mechanical construction, operation, and applications. You may also make a Mechanics check to recognize a Mechanics related clue.

Monster Knowledge

Make a Mechanics check to identify a creature created or altered by Mechanics.

Drive (Move Action. Variable DC)
Any creature can operate a simple land based vehicle, such as a truck, car or motorcycle without being trained or making checks. In a more stressful situation, such as driving during combat or while being chased.

Pilot (Trained Only. Move Action. Variable DC)
Creatures that are trained in Mechanics can operate boats, airplanes and other advanced devices.

Repair (Trained Only)
Creatures that are trained in Mechanics can aid machines which are failing.

Heal Construct (Variable)
You use a Mechanics check to treat a mechanical creature as if using heal against a living creature. (See Heal)

Quick Fix
(Minor Action. Easy DC)
Make a Mechanics check to quickly patch a machine.
Success: You are able to temporarily stop further damage to a machine. An object immediately stops its actions, or continues properly at its slowest speed.
Failure: You are unable to affect the target.


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