Modern Complications Table

Sometimes life just throws you lemons. . . really nasty lemons. Whether your game has a Complication mechanic or your GM needs to spice things up a bit, here’s a list of complications you can drop into nearly any scene. Try them in your next game of Modern Assembly, School Daze, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying or any game with modern elements.

  1. Your mother calls your cell phone
  2. Your cell phone battery dies
  3. Your credit cards demagnetize
  4. You realize you forgot your keys
  5. The power goes out
  6. The Internet is down
  7. Your/a nearby car backfires
  8. Your love interest changes their Relationship Status
  9. A parade comes through
  10. A drunk person enters
  11. There’s construction down your next path
  12. Your shoelace is untied
  13. There’s a fire in the building
  14. Building evacuated due to a bomb threat
  15. Police enter and mistake you for someone else
  16. Your car is stolen
  17. Step in gum/feces/puddle of mysterious provenance
  18. You forgot your phone/laptop charger
  19. You discover blood on your clothes
  20. You left the car lights on, battery is low or dead
  21. Significant other won’t return calls/texts/etc.
  22. Someone important to you unfriended you
  23. Endless email barrage, so you phone won’t stop going off
  24. You have a sneezing fit
  25. You have a flat tire
  26. Money is missing from your wallet
  27. You’re hungry
  28. Traffic is backed up because of a sporting event
  29. Your house/car has been broken into
  30. Your computer/phone reboots for no clear reason
  31. You find mouse droppings in salt shaker
  32. You find out the school teacher really is the witch you thought she was
  33. Something is leaking (car, toilet, ceiling, tanker truck in front of you, etc.)
  34. No cell service
  35. Your favorite band breaks up
  36. Someone forgot to put their cell on vibrate and now everyone hears “It’s Raining Men” at top volume.
  37. Automatic doors refuse to recognize you
  38. A cockroach scuttles across the floor.
  39. An emergency vehicle goes by, sirens blaring
  40. Kindergarten field trip goes walking by
  41. Awkward run in with ex
  42. Appetizer feeds one more person than your party.
  43. A panhandler asks you for spare change.
  44. Animal escapes from the zoo
  45. A bus unloads a group of foreign tourists
  46. You completely blank on the name of the person you’re talking to
  47. You scratch your head, and when you take your hand away, some hair comes with it
  48. Wind blows smoke from nearby factory in
  49. You feel a food coma coming on
  50. Flashmob begins…

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