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In our modern times, arrows and swords are often out of place, even impractical. The following modern weapons are written using the base rules presented for weapons in the core game.

They’re also balanced with the existing sword-and-sorcery weapons. This serves two key functions: First, you can easily swap a fantasy weapon for its modern equivalent; a baseball bat can use the same mechanics as a club, or a woodsman’s hatchet can be used as a hand axe. Secondly, both fantasy and modern weapons can be used in the same party, without any trouble.

There are a couple of key additions to help make modern weapons flow seamlessly with the core game.

Ammunition: Each weapon group uses a different type of ammunition. 20 rounds of any one type costs 2 gp. Weapons that use magazines instead cost 1gp per magazine. Some weapons, like the assault rifle or semi-automatic pistol, may actually use more than one bullet when fired, but for ease of tracking, only one round gets used for each enemy targeted.

Fuel: Chainsaws and flamethrowers also need to be loaded, but their ammunition is fuel. 1 pint of fuel is required every encounter and costs 1 gp.

Load: Just like bows and crossbows, guns take time to load. However, guns typically hold more than one round. If a gun has the Magazine property, it uses the same rules as a repeating crossbow, with each magazine holding the number of rounds in parenthesis.

Other guns need rounds loaded individually, like shotguns and revolvers. Each round takes one action to load, with the total number that can be loaded in parenthesis after the load type.

Grenades and the Grenade Launcher: Grenades use the same rules for the consumable Alchemist’s Fire, with each different level representing a different grade of explosion.

The grenade launcher is a special weapon, used to direct grenades and launch them greater distances. The grenade launcher uses a grenade as ammo, with the grenade’s damage determining the weapon’s base damage. However, a grenade launcher can be used with any ranged attack power instead of the grenade’s item power.

Simple Melee
One-Handed Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Brass Knuckles +2 1d6 - 5 gp 1 lb. Unarmed Off-hand
Superior Melee
Chainsaw +2 2d6 - 10 gp 20 lbs. Heavy Blade High Crit
Simple Ranged
Grenade - - - - - - As Alchemist’s Fire
Double Barrel Shotgun +1 2d4 5/10 25 gp 11 lbs. Shotgun Load Minor (2)
Pump Action Shotgun +1 1d8 5/10 35 gp 8 lbs. Shotgun Brutal [1], Load Move (6)
Military Ranged
Light Pistol +2 1d6 15/30 30 gp 4 lbs. Pistol High Crit, Off-hand, Load Free, Magazine 6
Revolver +2 1d8 10/20 25 gp 4 lbs. Pistol High Crit, Load Move (6)
Semi-Automatic Pistol +1 2d6 15/30 40 gp 3 lbs. Pistol Load Free, Magazine 6
Light Rifle +2 1d8 20/40 25 gp 8 lbs. Rifle High Crit, Load Free, Magazine 5
Heavy Rifle +1 1d10 15/30 35 gp 25 lbs. Rifle Brutal [2], Load Free, Magazine 10
Superior Ranged
Assault Rifle +1 2d8 10/20 50 gp 10 lbs. Machine Gun Brutal [2], Load Free (10)
Flamethrower +2 2d8 Fire 5/10 60 gp 15 lbs. Special Brutal [1]
Sniper Rifle +3 1d10 40/80 35 gp 11 lbs. Rifle High Crit, Load Minor (1)
Grenade Launcher +2 See Notes 15/30 360 gp 20 lbs Special Special

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