Code Phrases For D&D Next

Madness must be in the air, caused by the Vernal Equinox. It started with this tweet, which spawned this tweet, and then this tweet started the ball rolling. In the Gamer Assembly Chat we brainstormed for a while and came up with this. Kudos to the person who spots the two sequential lines containing a hidden message.

Simply roll a d6 and a d14 (or a d7 and a d12) to determine which code phrase to use when referring to D&D Next.

  1. The Canary Eats The Sunshine In Russia
  2. The Squawking Goblin Sheds No Tears
  3. The Reindeer Has A Large Handbag
  4. Tomorrow’s Soup Is Made From Owlbears
  5. When The Troll Farts, Eat Baguettes
  6. The Bag of Holding Has Developed A Portable Hole
  7. Your Princess Is In Another Castle
  8. The Ioun Stones Have Reached A Count Of Nine
  9. The Drake Squats On The Rooftop In The Rain
  10. Beware The Dwarf
  11. The Lady Watches What The Devil Desires
  12. The Wizard No Longer Lives On The Coast
  13. The Captain Dropped his Keys
  14. The Portcullis Is Down But The Lever Is Stuck
  15. I Saw The Baker But His Bread Did Not Rise Today
  16. Loan Me Two Copper For A Silver Bullette
  17. Knock Three Times On The Tap Or All Ye’ll Have Is Elven Wine
  18. The Tomatoes Have Not Ripened In The Dark Sun
  19. The Sorcerer Heads Inland
  20. The Platinum Has Left The Coffers
  21. He Lost The Trail In A Pile Of Gold
  22. The Griffin No Longer Speaks In Riddles
  23. I Wanted To Play D&D And All I Got Was This Lousy NDA
  24. My Parents Left Me A Portable Hole
  25. Orcus Is My Butler
  26. The Vrocks Fly At Midday
  27. The Griffon Dueled The Snake But The Wizard Still Fell
  28. The Eagle And The Stork Do The Lambada At Midnight
  29. The Game That Shall Not Be Named
  30. I Never Learned Thieves’ Cant
  31. My Other Game System Uses Powers
  32. Never Mind The Medusa
  33. Save Or Die!
  34. Fiddling With Vecna
  35. Delayed Polymorph
  36. Hare Today, Gorgon Tomorrow
  37. Illithid Bard
  38. Incanatrix With A Flame Tongue
  39. Save Vs. Errata
  40. Seven Defences Are Too Many For Forum Trolls
  41. Now With 100% Fewer Power Sources
  42. Shadow Primal Arcane Psion-ACK! *dies*
  43. Learning Fate Causes Worry
  44. Monte Cook’s Lejendary Adventures
  45. The Hunter’s Arrow Missed The Housecat
  46. Ten Gold Pieces On The Housecat
  47. Last Night I Married a Bar Wench
  48. Half-Dwarf Half-Elf Is A Viable Race
  49. Succubus In Sensible Armour
  50. The Temple Of Ioun Endorses This Knowledge
  51. Best. Game. Ever! (Thank you @ComedyRockStar.)
  52. The Prince Was Hexed But She’s Adjusting Well
  53. My Squire Buckled In Half The Time
  54. Charisma Lacks The Bison’s Heart
  55. Society For The Restoration Of Vecna
  56. The Tour Of The Sunless Citadel Was Cancelled Due To Poor Lighting Conditions
  57. My Other Weapon Is A Vorpal Warhammer
  58. You Don’t Have To Go Home But The Universe Is Ending
  59. Save Time; Cast Gate
  60. I Had A Witty Passphrase But I Forgot It
  61. Keep Calm And Roll Initative (With a nod to @SkylandGames’s Twitter avatar.)
  62. The Alleys of Sigil Are Never Wrong Turns
  63. Thay It Ain’t So
  64. Golems Growl At Stirges’ Proboscii
  65. Gold Pieces Don’t Grow On Trees
  66. Thief, Dagger, Gold. Old Story.
  67. I Should Have Suspected When I Saw The Girdle’s Aura
  68. She Had Tea With Vecna’s Taxidermist
  69. Beware The +1 Letter Opener Of Justice
  70. Is That Your Hut Or Do You live In A Giant Chicken?
  71. Mind Your Tongue, Trolls Ahead
  72. Orcus Begone Or I’ll Put That Wand Where The Sun Shines
  73. Con Is Not My Dump Stat
  74. Death Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
  75. Drizzt Is Just An Elf In Makeup
  76. Just For The Record, A Fifteen Hits My AC
  77. Never Trust A Halfling With A Spatula And A Frying Pan
  78. Dire Canaries Make Great Travel Pillows
  79. Beware The Proboscis
  80. Never Put The Barbarian On Watch
  81. Three Eyes Between His Two Heads
  82. Black Dragons Smell Of Death At Night
  83. Dryads Never Dance
  84. Never Extend Xerxes’ Table

Contributors: @absentdm, @adampageuk, @brentnewhall, @brianliberge, @deusinnomen, @gameknightrvws, @paulbaalham, @twwombat, plus an honourable mention to @greywulf for planting the seeds of madness this morning.


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