What’s behind this door? Tables for your RPG

Sometimes when running an adventure your players veer a little off course. Okay sometimes they veer way off course. Thinking on your feet and coming up with ideas quick is a very useful skill, but sometimes you need a little help building a manor fast, coming up with a reason for the next dungeon room or just keeping things different.

The first list are simply types of rooms you might find in a large home, lair, fortress or complex. If the result does not make sense for your current location, you can roll again, but sometimes the fun is coming up with an explanation to why this odd room is present. Your players will often do the same. Feel free to accept whatever theory you like best.

The second list is of specific objects, events or environmental effects you might find in a room. Most of these are purposefully a little odd or curious. Use them for red herrings, on the fly plot hooks, or just to keep things interested.

Big List of Rooms

  1. Ready Room
  2. Foyer
  3. Closet
  4. Armory
  5. Abattoir
  6. Lavatory
  7. Laboratory
  8. Forge
  9. Catacombs/Crypt
  10. Master Bedroom
  11. Sleeping Chambers
  12. Barracks
  13. Training Ground
  14. Treasure Room
  15. Prison Cell
  16. Torture Chamber
  17. Kitchen
  18. Circle of Evil
  19. Arcane Testing Chamber
  20. Study
  21. Library
  22. Guard Room
  23. Tower
  24. Fletcher
  25. Jeweler
  26. Storehouse
  27. Tannery
  28. Food Pens
  29. Great Hall
  30. Throne Room
  31. Meeting Area
  32. Portal Room
  33. Fungus Growing Room
  34. Empty Room
  35. Clothier
  36. Maid’s Chambers
  37. Water Supply (well, stream access, etc)
  38. Little Hall
  39. Confectionery
  40. Ball Pitt
  41. Sewer
  42. Larder
  43. Food Service/Lounge
  44. Room Under Construction
  45. Temple/Chapel
  46. Sacrifice Chambers
  47. Room full of statues that speak in riddle
  48. Amphitheater
  49. Waiting Room
  50. Stables
  51. Docks
  52. Stairwell
  53. Wine Cellar
  54. Office
  55. Dressing Room
  56. Tinkerer Workshop
  57. Gallery
  58. Galley
  59. Greenhouse
  60. War Room

Big List of Room Features

  1. The floor slopes down to a drain in one corner of the room.
  2. Orange curtains
  3. Strange Draft
  4. Window with a wall behind it
  5. Knuckle bone from a human on the floor
  6. Loose rock in the threshold
  7. Stained glass windows
  8. Large animal droppings
  9. Central Fire Pit
  10. Expensive Looking Chairs
  11. Bottle of Cheap Perfume
  12. Sports a collection of Wigs
  13. Series of numbers written in the wall in draconic
  14. Smells of horses
  15. Open Book
  16. Candles still burning
  17. Smells of Roses
  18. Strangely Cold
  19. Glowing moss
  20. Contains various shapes not square or round
  21. Odd death related paintings
  22. Wind chimes made of marrowless human finger bones.
  23. Small domestic animal
  24. A thick layer of dust, recently disturbed.
  25. Walls, floor, and ceiling all covered with one particular shade of paint.
  26. Manacles and chains
  27. Indecipherable whispering
  28. Distant muffled noises
  29. The sound of a girl crying
  30. Temperature change with no obvious source.
  31. A rack of exotic weapons
  32. A burnt book.
  33. A trapped creature.
  34. Scattered rat droppings
  35. An odd bit of slime on one wall
  36. A nail attached to the wall with Sovereign Glue.
  37. An opening in the floor leads to darkness
  38. An opening in the floor leads to lava
  39. An opening in the wall that opens onto an opening in the opposite wall. You see the back of your head.
  40. A grate
  41. Arrowheads
  42. A fake tiara
  43. A bag of women’s laundry
  44. A plate of cheese and bread, gone stale
  45. A keg of dwarven ale
  46. A small shiny disc, made of something light and hard, but not metal
  47. Potted vegetables
  48. A framed portrait of the current local ruler
  49. Carvings on the wall
  50. Tribal symbols
  51. A bust of a saint
  52. A family tree tapestry
  53. A sword embedded in the floor/wall.
  54. Filled with insects
  55. Holy Symbols
  56. An animal carved of marble
  57. A painted underwater scene on one wall
  58. Star chart of ceiling
  59. Sleeping child
  60. Fresh Paint

What do you think is missing from our lists?


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