Campaign Season: Sign-Up Page

  • Are you an RPG Blogger or Blog-Curious?
  • Do you want to write military-themed RPG content for online publication?
  • Would you like to be a guest blogger to see how this whole blogging thing works? Or do you already have your own blog you’d like to promote?
You’re in the right place. Welcome to Campaign Season.

If you want to write something for the Campaign Season RPG Blog Festival either for your blog or as a Guest Blogger here at The Gamer Assembly, please sign up by leaving a comment below. Please include the following information:

Name: (The name by which you’d like to be referred. Alias, nickname, or twitter handle welcomed.)
Personal URL: (Optional – Twitter profile,, or personal site would work.)
Blog Name: (The name of your site you want people to see. If you don’t have one, that’s cool.)
Blog URL: (Your blog or whatever site you want to be linked. Article URLs will come later.)
Area of Submission: (A brief description of what you’re writing about, like “Item” or “Scenario” or “Optional Rules”. Multiple submissions are OK, just note each.)
System: (Something like “D&D 4E” if specific or “Any” if usable anywhere.)
Title: (The working title of your article(s). Try to be specific. Actual article titles will be used when submitted.)
Guest/Linked: (Use “Guest” if you want me to publish your article as a Guest Blogger. Use “Linked” if you’ll publish on your site and I’ll make a link to your article.)

Here’s a clean list of what I’m looking for to copy and paste into the comments.

Personal URL
Blog Name: 
Area of Submission:

If I were submitting, my comment would look like this:

Name: T.W.Wombat
Personal URL:
Blog Name: Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity
Area of Submission: Optional Rules
System: D&D 4e
Title: Siege Weapons in D&D 4e
Guest/Linked: Guest

I’m going to try and read everything submitted so I can include a little blurb on your entry. Entries will appear something like this:

I’ll compile participants in a spreadsheet so people can more easily check out other entries. I would encourage people submitting something with a similar title or submitting to the same area to touch base with each other to steer clear of duplication, especially in a focused area like “Battlefield Terrain”. Maybe a grand collaboration will come out of that initial contact – who knows?

Before Signing Up, Be Thou Warned:
1) I reserve the right to play Editor on Guest Posts. I won’t publish any changes without author approval.
2) Bring your best to this festival. You’re showing off your work to the world. Please keep your writing focused, readable, clean, and tight.
3) I am human and have failings. If I miss posting or linking something of yours, please remind me.

We’ll have a logo soon, one way or another.

DEADLINE for participant sign-ups will be ongoing. The festival is currently postponed until further notice. Once scheduled, please get your content delivered somewhere in the festival’s window and sign up before you deliver your content. That said, if sign up and you’re late with an article you promised, don’t sweat it. Life happens; I get that. I don’t maintain a black list for bloggers who are late or anything like that. Get it to me when you can and I’ll get it on the site when I can. Fair?

Thanks for your interest!

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