3 Generations After The End: The Valley

3 Generations After The End¬†is a system-agnostic post-apocalyptic setting that we’re developing here at the Gamer Assembly. This article describes the default play area.

The Valley

~ KOLGRIM: Venture into the Blackened City - CH7 ~ by Rising Damp on Flickr

~ KOLGRIM: Venture into the Blackened City - CH7 ~ by Rising Damp on Flickr

The Valley’s a hard place. Harder than most.

The Gray City hulks on the western horizon, of course; can’t miss that. The aging towers house the Priesthood and their supposed civilization. They’re safe enough amidst the crumbling asphalt and filtered sunlight, between the giant flying lizards roosting in the roofs above and the crawling scavengers of the sewers below. May the ratfolk never learn how to organize.

¬≠Outside, it’s your choice between Tomas and Shedra. Tomas rules his kingdom with ruthless efficiency, more towns and armies sprouting up every month, it seems. Life in his kingdom is tiring but hopeful: he’s built a pocket of real living that keeps many dangers out.

Shedra the Witch pays little attention to her subjects. They pay a lot of attention to her, and to her cloaked priestesses. The latter roam the streets, occasionally comandeering people and their gear for strange rites. No reason is given. Whole families can disappear overnight.

This is the price paid for the magical barrier that keeps hostile creatures from entering Shedra’s kingdom. This barrier must also warn Shedra when anyone enters, as strangers quickly earn a visit from her priestesses, who learn the strangers’ business…or kill them. Her kingdom isn’t as prosperous as Tomas’s, but it’s a little easier. For a price.

Their kingdoms are surrounded by the Wilds, a savage forest filled with even more savage creatures. Hell, the plants themselves will kill you. And that itself is strange. Those few who’ve lived outside of the kingdoms or the city will tell you that the things living in that forest don’t make sense, and don’t live anywhere else. It’s like they were made in there. By someone. Or something.


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