The Weekly Assembly: The Memorable Improv GM-mas Eve Eve Edition

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Articles posted here on The Gamer Assembly.

  • December’s theme at The Gamer Assembly is Favorite Gaming Memories. We’ve got a few this week.
  • On Stack Exchange and Scholarly RPG Papers exposes a couple of treatises on RPGs. One dissects character creation, and the other uses the four basic D&D classes as archetypical approaches to interpreting RPG rules.


Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.

  • Got Loot – The Festive Blogfest starts Saturday 24 December 2011! Come join the community to blog about loot during the last week of the year! Open to all, with guest blogger space still available!
  • Meanwhile, Brent Newhall insists that Castles Were Decoration, explaining the historical realities of castles, and what that means for role-playing campaigns (hint: they’re much more interesting).
  • Brent Newhall writes about his experiences running Everyone Is John, a rules-light story-driven game where each player is a voice inside the head of a totally insane man named John from Minneapolis.

Notes From Abroad

All other interesting articles and cool links.

  • Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits gives us an armorer’s perspective on balancing utility and femininity to avoid the fantasy trap of pointless armor for women. Cheesecake Armor Bonus, beware; your days are numbered.
  • And since it’s December Twenty-Third, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Christmas Eve Eve (YouTube Link). The song is also available free from the creators right through here, complete with bonus creepy cat. Thanks to Paul & Storm for plagiarizing this song from writing this song in the style of They Might Be Giants.


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