I’m not just D&D…

“Hi… I’m Daniel O’Crowe, street reporter for Third Eye News, SLA Industries premier news channel, bringing you all the latest from the World of Progress…”

Some of you might know me by other names, and for other deeds… I’ve been called a blind geek, angelic, the first man on earth, paper in a book, and other such misnomers, and while in recent years (and for the foreseeable future) I’ll be using Gamer Assembly to bring some of my other interests such as cyberpunk and bioware, nanotechnology, and 2e conversions to the masses…

To begin with, have a look at this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11072793/CyberPunk%20Weapon%20Modifications.pdf, and old document from when I was developing my own cyberpunk game. For the most part, they should be adaptable to any other system.

Some notes:
WA = Weapon Accuracy (a to hit bonus)
PEN = Armour Penetration (it wasn’t enough to hit, you had to penetrate the armour)
DMG = Damage (to the body)
AD = Armour Damage (any hit weakened armour, weaker armour is easier to penetrate)
SD = Subdual Damage (each character had a limit of how much ‘less than lethal’ damage they could take before falling unconscious)
SR = Shock Rating (a property of tazers, used to determine side effects)


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